People who understand the value of exclusive materials, delicate details, and unique patterns, Stefano Ricci is a collection of elite people, where costumes are elevated to become “artistic heritage”, that the 0.01% can wear every day.

In 1972, Stefano Ricci, with passion and deep understanding, created his own luxury clothing empire with the first tie collection containing the core and most quintessential values of the brand. Stefano Ricci: excellent quality, craftsmanship, and the proud label “100% Made in Italy”. 

Mr. Stefano Ricci – The brand founder 

Together with his trusted companion, who is also his current wife – Claudia, the young designer presented his collection for the first time at Pitti Uomo – the most prestigious men’s fashion presentation event in Florence on in 1974 and received special attention from prestigious fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus or Harrolds. The Stefano Ricci tie from an accessory gradually became the main highlight of men’s clothing, demonstrating the art of high-class dressing and the quiet enjoyment of the world’s industrial quintessence. 

Italian Made, Italian Managed


Pursuing excellence down to the smallest details, Stefano Ricci’s perfectionism and strict standards partly come from family tradition and the land of Fiesole where he was born. Raised and raised in the “Cradle of Renaissance culture” – Florence, Stefano inherits aesthetic thinking, artistic sense, and craft heritage in the most natural way. 

Tailoring, exquisite color combinations and premium fabrics are what flow through Stefano Ricci’s veins, through the way he built the brand and are continued by his descendants. Stefano Ricci is being operated entirely under the direction of the family, where Stefano is the founder and general manager, his wife – Claudia’s in charge of fabrics and production, and his sons Niccolò Ricci and Filippo Ricci are responsible for research and material development. 


THE “SR World”

Discovering “SR World” – The fashion world defined by Stefano Ricci, we can easily encounter a proud synthesis of ancient elites, royal symbols, or even iconic industries. The heritage of the boot-shaped country.

Starting with the foundation brick to build an aesthetic and technical Stefano – Antico Setificio Fiorentino (ASF) – A long-standing silk workshop designed by genius painter, sculptor, and inventor – Leonardo de Davinci. ASF is an ancient silk factory built in the 18th century and is one of the last remaining silk factories in the world. Here, each yard of fabric is individually woven using the popular weaving technique of the Renaissance, on ancient wooden looms. This is the place that has provided silk fabric to the most powerful families in the world since 1786. With the desire to inherit and develop a fashion house focusing on manufacturing traditions, Stefano Ricci successfully owned a silk factory production in 2010. 


Not only that, going back in time to the 90s of the last century, after successfully building the reputation of “Classico Italia” to become a phrase guaranteeing the pure Italian origin of the product in the international market. The Tuscan fashion house began to exploit the most outstanding crafts of its homeland – Florentine jewelry techniques. Stefano Ricci (interprets) the Florentine jewelry heritage through exquisite cufflink and button designs, finished with unique materials. From gold, platinum to precious stones or diamonds, Stefano Ricci cherishes and perfects his works using the oldest techniques, inheriting the meticulousness and refinement of an aesthetic country – the cradle of modern art. Renaissance culture and European fashion. 


Finally, to complete his fashion world, the Royal Eagle symbol was born in 2005 and is likened to Stefano Ricci’s heart because of the core values that the eagle represents: Honor, rights, power and pride. Appearing alongside the name Stefano Ricci, Royal Eagle carries with it the strong and steadfast spirit of designer Stefano as well as the pinnacle position that fully portrays the portrait of the fashion house’s high-class customers. 




The Italian brand is trusted by leaders around the world. Stefano Ricci’s customer list includes powerful politicians in the Kremlin, Middle Eastern oil tycoons, movie stars such as Tom Cruise, Andrea Bocelli or the world’s great thinkers (Nelson Mandela, Helmut Kohl) is no exception to the gravitational pull of this super-high-end and secretive fashion empire. 

“My mission is to create a wardrobe for the gentleman who has everything” - Stefano Ricci