The new SS24 Men’s STILE fashion show tells us and clearly presents a strong concept the unique style of Dolce&Gabbana.​

A word that is more than a statement is a concept! The intent of the whole collection is to reaffirm the Stile and the iconic DNA of the Brand. It goes back to the origin of the Brand! “Stile and stiloso” (style and stylish) are thus the two key words that together with the precious colors and fabrics, help to redefine a way of being that is not simply luxury but is to be “Stiloso” (Stylish).

The collection is a succession of color blocks, pure/ethereal white, milk white, sand beige, camel, dark brown, pearl, stone gray ending with absolute Sicily black. Embroidery and materials, wools of “Piacenza” that allow thanks to the inherent characteristics of the material itself, to build garments with structured volumes; suits and jackets thus take a new shape and life as true sculptural works and enhance the male body. Over coats in double cashmere, silk crepe, 3D effect embossed jersey and embroidered silk organza.

The flower becomes the new embroidery, these are interpreted either as real embroideries proposed on drill rich of cotton or on the universe of transparent or plain silks or we find them delicately laid on the lapels of jackets or in the middle of the collar of a shirt, simulating an accessory such as a bow tie. ​

Then along with flowers another style accent, brooches applied on lapels. Suits in Chantilly lace in the various nuances proposed follow vests that lose the back changing volume and proportions, are enriched with laces and Velcro as closures. Purely stylistic and decorative elements made of tone-on-tone gathered jersey emphasize even more the concept of sculpture. Overlays and volume play continue in the proposals of torcion and ribbed jersey for Sicilia looks. ​

Underwear – tank top and pants made of jersey – complements underwear in silk smocked knitwear. Another novelty is the concept of padded and gathered made with special processing. Silk crepe is completely curled at the seams, padded, almost as if draped over the body while retaining the impalpability of the precious fabric. Sicilia and Taormina jackets stretch to 120 cm become small coats. Suits in double-breasted double duchesse paired with short shorts with an ironed crease. Dolce jacket is proposed in single and double-breasted combined with pants 28cm wide bottom to 45 cm, great novelty of the show, the cargo model proposed in the washed version is presented with the same bottom. Pants with special details “loops” in the belt that echo the details of the vest that allow a glimpse of the body. Prints are replaced by the concept of materiality. Designers work with surfaces, textures, overlays, shades of color, but also on the brightness of the material themselves. The desire for rigor to emphasize the original codes, cornerstones of the brand, in this layering “Style” tells us so.

Stefano and Domenico’s desire for rigor, to emphasize and reaffirm the original codes, of Dolce&Gabbana, codes that make us unique and affirm our “Style”.​

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