Zimmermann returned to Paris and show Fall 2023 ready-to-wear collection.

“For fall I was inspired by the artwork of Rupert Bunny, an Australian artist from the turn of the last century. I was drawn to his use of color and the romanticism of his work – the g entle and dreamy lifestyle scenes. There is a glow, warmth, and optimism in his work that is really appealing to me. I was given the opportunity to work with a selection of his paintings by the National Victorian Gallery and we have crafted these into some of our key collection prints. Bunny’s works have also influenced the mood of the collection more generally” – Creative Director, Nicky Zimmermann

Zimmermann Lyrical Embroidery Mini Dress

That mood is Languid. Luminous. Lush. A refreshing stroll through a wardrobe of romantic silhouettes, indulgent textures, and lounge-worthy separates remixed with a strong dose of denim and boxy tailoring.

Artist Rupert Bunny’s idyllic scenes play out across floating skirts and draped dresses; the essence carried through in the lingerie cues of slip dresses, lace bodysuits, and floating, sheer fabrications in sepia tones of dirty mustard, faded lilac, and macadamia.

Zimmermann looked to the artworks of Rupert Bunny for inspiration, integrating these into designs for fall 2023.

Zimmermann’s signature for dramatic proportions and generous flounce finds itself dressed down and spliced up by layers of tweed, smooth chocolate leather, and cozy wool knits. Petite bralettes and wool bustiers are enveloped by wide-shouldered suiting and wrap-me-up doona jackets.

A particular focus on denim brings an intentionally easy attitude to dressing for the season. Breezy nightgown shirt dresses overlay Briny Blue stove pipes. Faded vintage washes are mixed and matched with intense ruffled knit-lace tops in peachy hues, and draped minis. A double-breasted blazer completes an all-denim look, featuring custom hardware, worn with embroidered cowboy boots.

Bouncy black evening dresses with embroidered poetry diverge into several simple and elegant LBDs. A rich velvet sheath gown with an off-the-shoulder cream lace bodice is equal parts indulgent and restrained. Shimmering tones contrast the black – shining in slinky lurex translucent prints, with gold and opal jewelry statements. Always buoyed in luminosity.

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