Handcrafted shoe brand Santoni will officially be available this August at Trang Tien Plaza, Hanoi.

Authenticity is the founding value of Santoni, a brand that innovates by being faithful to tradition. By keeping intact the know-how of the origins, transmitted from one generation of craftsmen to the other, and exploring the ability to create unique made-to-measure pieces, Santoni releases refined products for a demanding and sophisticated clientele. Colors and materials characterize tactile, sensual and sophisticated creations. Beautiful, for Santoni, it is always synonymous with elevated: superior materials, superior craftsmanship, above the-lines aesthetic.

The company’s headquarters in Corridonia are a totally eco-friendly center of pure and elegant design, made of 90% recyclable materials, in which natural resources help reduce energy consumption. The Santoni creations are available in the best international boutiques and in a network of flagship stores designed by Patrizia Urquiola, which translate the chromatic taste and the richness of materials of the Santoni world into welcoming environments with a distinctively modernist allure.

The value of Santoni comes from the crafting techniques as well as the ingenuity from the hands of the artisans. Each finished product is meticulously “molded” to every detail, with a philosophy that upholds the standard of beauty and the ultimate goal of conquering new limits of creativity.

Excellence of the hands, excellence of silent protagonists. The Santoni creations come to life through superb techniques that are handed down by a generation of craftsmen to the next. There are more than four hundred shoemakers working today in the Corridonia ateliers. The older artisans, employed in the company since its inception, have the task of forming the younger generation.

Colour is the attribute that comes to the fore in the Santoni creations. It is dense, rich and pictorial colour. The Santoni colours are the offspring of a unique savoir faire. They are special because they are obtained through a peculiar method. Velatura gives each shoe a unique patina that is non repeatable as a fingerprint, because it is made by hand. Velatura is a time consuming art that gives Santoni creations the beautiful depth of timelessness. Andrea and Giuseppe Santoni chose it, in 1980, while looking for a strongly visual and highly visible sign. The inspiration was offered to them by the Marche landscape. Hills of Marche have gentle profiles; the sunsets are slow and pictorial. The sun was orange that day, and it left a vivid impression on them. The choice was immediate. Orange is a color aware of its powers, it spreads optimism and motivation. Orange is not easy to forget. Choosing a Santoni bespoke footwear means wearing a truly unique object that reflects the owner’s individual style. Santoni’s Handmade Bespoke service is most of all an exclusive experience, created to satisfy the most demanding clients’ desire for exclusivity.

Santoni started operations in 1975 in Corridonia. Founder Andrea Santoni worked hard in order to industrialize the artisanal process while maintaining intact quality of design, research of the finest materials, superior manufacturing. Beautiful, for Santoni, it is always synonymous with elevated: superior materials, superior craftsmanship, above-the-lines aesthetic. What was originally a high-end footwear atelier turned in forty years into one of the leading players in the global luxury goods market. At the head of the company today is Giuseppe Santoni, who marries his father’s passion for the craft with the vision of a global, innovative and multifaceted brand.

In Vietnam, DAFC is the exclusive official distributor of Santoni
2F-14, Trang Tien Plaza, 24 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem District, HanoI