Emporio Armani inspires the fashion world with a vibrant and refined fashion language, forging ahead on a path of new adventures.​



The cold and impetuous winter sea. An ocean that connects continents. The s hips cutting through it from ports and shipyards, and the characters that populate them: sailors, cabin boys, engineers, and officers. Adventure, in any setting, is a pivotal theme for Emporio Armani, along with absolute open – mindedness.

The collection has a bold spirit, defined by clear silhouettes with broad, well – designed shoulders, “anchored” to the ground by lace – ups with high soles, which become soft boots when combined with gaiters.

A lingering sense of harbourside elegance: long coats, abbreviated jackets, trousers with genero us volumes and greatcoats for sea crossings.

Sailor jackets, in leather too, and hats pay homage to a dress code with enduring charm. Gilets and bibs are worn over jackets and peacoats to increase functionality.​

Shirts are replaced by tops in the same fabrics as blazers and trousers: a new uniform, monochrome and decisive . Dungarees and oversized rubberised shirts nod to deck work , while beaten wools m ix with denim, used here for tailored coats, jackets and trousers.​

Even the metallic embroider y on jackets, shirts and coats has an adventurous rather than decorative flavour, resembling the incrustations left by the open sea on the keels of ships.​

Emporio Armani’s palette for “Atlantic” was a deep, mysterious mix of navy blue, steel grey, ice white, and midnight black, reflecting the profound depths of the ocean. This chromatic narrative was enhanced with tweed motifs, pinstriping, and flocking, all unified in singular color schemes. ​

A standout feature of the collection was its bold approach to gender fluidity. Emporio Armani redefined traditional gender boundaries by adapting and re-proportioning select garments for women, blending them seamlessly into the collection. This radical move not only challenged the norms of masculine and feminine fashion but did so with a natural elegance, epitomizing Armani’s commitment to exploring new horizons in fashion and identity.​

Bags resembling hand luggage with robust mesh details, and large seabags, were integral parts of the collection’s narrative. For women, the incorporation of stiletto heels alongside rugged attire boldly stated that strength and femininity are not at odds but can coexist harmoniously.​


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