Another exciting chapter in the all-Italian story of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s Alta Moda.


Puglia is one of those regions that has a wealth of architecture and territory that few others have:​the trulli, the masserie, the olive trees and then the history, the peoples, the Greeks and the​ Normans and the craftsmanship. A very strong tradition that once again Domenico and Stefano are​ proud to be able to tell through their Collection.

For Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the mission is to tell beauty through the five senses:​ sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. “This is where our creative process begins,” they reveal.

Alberobello is Puglia in all its glory. A journey through tradition, through time between craftsmen,​ shops, food and love.

The Collection conveys an all-Mediterranean sensuality: the dominant black contrasts with the​ infinite transparencies of tulle and chiffon, organza and lace. The Designers started from the art of weaving and created fantastic hats, capes and conical dresses that recall the trulli.

White is an unmissable colour, along with the flowers that bring a surprising and sudden touch of colour. Once again Domenico and Stefano choose experience, love and memory. In fact, every Alta Moda dress is a story made up of memories, lives lived, shared moments and the joy of being together.



Alberobello, better known as ‘town of the trulli’, stands on a hill in the Itria Valley. This picturesquevillage was once called ‘Silva Arboris Belli’ (‘Forest of the Beautiful Tree’), hence the present-day nameAlberobello.

Although scattered over the surrounding countryside, it is here that the trulli have their greatest​ concentration (about 1,500). Their presence gives the small Apulian town a truly unique character, to the​ extent that in 1996 it was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.​

The trullo is a typical dwelling of the Itria Valley that emerged in the fifteenth century after an edict​ by Ferdinand I of Aragon, King of Naples, which imposed heavy taxes on new settlements.​

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