11 April 2023, Burberry celebrates the appointment of Chinese actor Chen Kun as its Ambassador with exclusive portraits.

© Courtesy of Burberry

11 April 2023, Burberry announces Chen Kun as its Brand Ambassador

Burberry celebrates the appointment of Chinese actor Chen Kun as its Ambassador with exclusive portraits.

Over the past 20 years, Chen Kun has featured in several successful film and television works with both artistic and commercial value, including “The Knot”, “Painted Skin”, “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” and “Mojin: The Lost Legend”, alongside small-screen classics such as “Love Story in Shanghai”, ‘The Story of a Noble Family”, “The Wind Blows from Longxi” and more. Chen Kun is highly recognized in his career as an actor and has won many major awards, such as the Outstanding Actor in Huabiao Film Awards and Best Leading Actor in Hundred Flowers Awards.

In addition to his acting career, Chen Kun is dedicated to promoting arts and culture as well as using his influence for philanthropy. In 2011, he initiated a public charity project called “Power to Go’ to encourage people to go outdoors and walk to improve their health and spirit. In 2017, Chen Kun and his friends within the film industry also founded “The Dome Studio”, which committed to supporting young talent across the film and television industry with training and opportunities for lifelong learning .

“I am honored to be the Brand Ambassador of Burberry, a time-honoured British luxury house that not only has a rich history, but also embraces the spirit of innovation. The constant breakthrough of classic heritage and modern trends inspires me greatly. I look forward to working with Burberry in the future and breaking more boundaries together”. Chen Kun

The announcement portraits were captured in a mangrove conservation and restoration area in Hainan Province, Mainland China – Burberry, together with Chen Kun, went outdoors to pay tribute to nature and encourage ecological conservation. As one of Burberry’s Hainan restoration and conservation programmes, the Mangrove programme builds on Burberry’s commitment to support global conservation efforts by protecting and restoring nature.

Burberry’s relationship with Chen Kun started in 2011, and he has since attended the Burberry fashion show on several occasions. In addition, Chen Kun has been featured in multiple Burberry editorial cover stories and attended brand events, perfectly interpreting the brand’s British aesthetic with his unique personal touch.

© Courtesy of Burberry

Notes to editors
About Burberry Hainan restoration and conservation programme
  • In 2022, Burberry announced a three-year ecological restoration and conservation programme in Hainan in partnership with Hainan Reform and Development Research Foundation with the support of Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development, the Education Department of Hainan Province and the Forestry Department of Hainan Province. The programme focuses on restoring ecosystems in key areas across Hainan and preserving the island’s renowned tropical forestry, mangrove ecosystems and biodiverse habitats.   
About Burberry
  • Burberry is a British luxury brand headquartered in London, UK.
  • Founded in 1856, Burberry is listed on the London Stock Exchange (BRBY.L) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.
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  • The original Equestrian Knight Design was the winning entry of a public competition to design a new logo, circa 1901. The design features the Latin word ‘Prorsum’ meaning ‘Forwards’.
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