1. Customer (“Customer”) joining the “Loyal Customer” Program of DAFC, operated by DAFC shall agree that their use of DAFC Loyal Customer card (“DAFC CARD”), including physical card and/or card on mobile application for transaction, shopping or their card activation already mean that they read and agreed the issued terms and conditions as well as policies of the program. Official regulations, terms and policies of the program are posted on the website In case of changes in these items on the official website (“Website”), the loyal customers who go on keeping the program’s account are considered agreeing with those changes.
  2. Register for the program: All customers who are all legal organizations, 15 year old and over with valid identity papers (Identity card – Vietnamese/Passport or ID card - foreigners) can join the program.
  3. The loyal customers shall be responsible for any and all costs, taxes, fees, complaints or payable debt (if any) arising from receiving interests from the program as Loyal Customer of the Program.
  4. Points in DAFC loyal customer’s account (“points/card points”) are accumulated according to the program’s regulation without negotiation, changing to cash and giving any other ones.
  5. Except for the commitment with the accumulated points in the account, DAFC shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss of the Loyal Customer arising from their participation in the program, including but not limiting to the withdrawal of the Program’s Partners or revoking or limiting any service, interest or facilities.
  6. Depending on the factual condition, the terms of the programs can be modified, adjusted/terminated in accordance with  individual decision of DAFC or Partner’s request and shall be notified to the Loyal Customer on the Program’s website.
  7. DAFC shall not be responsible for any case caused by force majeure events or any other reasons out of our control.
  8. The list of transaction points applying the Program shall be usually updated on the Website.
  9. In case of changes in contact information (phone number/email/address), the Loyal Customer shall immediately update their information on Website, the Program’s Operator (“Operator”), or any other allowable channels of the Program to avoid using Card Points incorrectly. DAFC shall not be responsible for Card Points loss or related arising damages with Loyal Customer if the above mentioned information has not updated timely to DAFC.
  10. All Card Points which are being complained or disputed shall not be used during resolution of complaint/dispute.
  11. Card and account of DAFC’s Loyal Customers are merely intermediate tools to receive the Program’s preferential. DAFC only participates in managing the preferential; all preferential and interests received by Loyal Customer from the Program shall be provided directly for them by suppliers and Partners.
  12. Customers shall agree that DAFC creates stores, maintains and updates personal information provided and updated by the Customers. Customers shall agree that DAFC and Partners in the Program use these data for the purposes suitable with the Program, including but not limiting, to execute transactions and accumulate/consume points at different partners of the Program and introduce new goods/services of Partners. All data relating to Loyal Customer shall be protected and used by DAFC in accordance with regulations at DAFC’s Confidential Policy.


  1. Loyal Customer can accumulate points from the dealership of goods or services participating in the Program at  the establishment, location of the Program’s Partners (for avoiding misunderstanding, detailed list of unparticipated goods/services in the Program to which the DAFC Card Point accumulation is not applied shall be posted on Website). The point is accumulated after the Loyal Customer’s account has been activated according to the Program’s Policy.
  2. Policy of bonus points may be applied differently between different partners of the Program depending on their agreement/commitment with DAFC. This policy can be changed by DAFC/Partners at any necessary time and shall be noticed on Website.
  3. To collect points, Loyal Customers shall present their cards at transaction time. If they do not present their card, the points shall not be accumulated for them.
  4. The value for calculating point accumulation scale for the Customer is the bill value after deducting valid promotion, discount and after VAT.
  5. Principle of executing goods, service return transaction: The Customer shall return the accumulated point equivalent with the payable good value scale. The accumulated points in the Customer’s account shall be deducted in priority, if their account is not enough, an amount of money equal to the missing point value payable to the Customer  shall be collected and  the consumed points (if any) shall be recovered.
  6. The Loyal Customer has right to access and look up personal information, card point in their account via the Program’s Operator or their account on the Website.
  7. All notifications/complaints of the Loyal Customer to DAFC shall be made via the Operator, address or email of the Program.

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