Five in the morning, Paris awakens…..

Roll out Parisian chic all over the capital city, take in the lights and highlights of the season, celebrate everywhere the very essence of chic, and pairings that combine the here, now and forever. Match wisdom with spontaneity, casual with couture, energy with exquisiteness, and here with elsewhere… In her A/W 2018 collection, Mathilde Castello Branco, Weill’s new creative director restores the House heritage: a truly French label for a wardrobe that is easy-to-wear and mix at leisure, a smart balance of everything that goes into making up personality.

The first light of autumn

A litle knitwear jumper sports a navy blue, sky blue and red palete revisited and reinvented throughout. The flag sets the tone for a start to the season bursting with energy and sparkle. The standard bearer of rocker elegance: a peacoat with denim fringing, or a trench coat that goes perfectly with a leather perfecto, casual tweed, men’s poplin shirts or floral chiffon to create flourishing silhouetes to your heart’s content. The looks have free rein this season, given a boost with great atention to details and litle extras, as coats of arms with a contemporary twist: here an emblem in the House colours, there a knoted collar, a gusset effect or off-centre –in every sense of the word – embroidery ….

As the days draw in

From head to prety cape, the understated appeal of flannel, tweed, Prince of Wales, hound’s-tooth, check, and wickerwork paterns has a decidedly authentic upper hand. The grey, slate, stone and steely hues, to name but a few, conjure up the city, in graphic harmonies, that pay tribute to the geometry of the urban landscape. From the cafés of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, to taking a stroll around the Bute Montmartre, a tailored mood prevails in the overcoats, jackets and litle trousers, with a dashes of wit, inside-out pockets, asymmetric stripes, single elbow pads, tag effects, and taffeta backs. And, always, the T-shirt with its landscape sketched in charcoal, as an artistic memory of an impromptu walk.

The first snowflakes fall

White-flecked tweed mirrors snowfall, in the soft serenity of dynamic chic. Wraparound mohair highlighted by a dash of Lurex, litle flannel trousers reminiscent of real Parisians, silk or taffeta blouses, straight or flutering lustrous faux leather skirts, sweatshirts with worked-in guipure, lace T-shirts, reversible raincoats, detachable collars, rounded silhouetes of dresses and litle coats, and flowers in halftones. The nuanced shades of a vintage Bordeaux, a colour palete of antique rose, copper, ivory, silt and green, reflects the lights of the Seine, the mist, in sophisticated laidback mood, in which the atmosphere is warmed by ultra-refned pairings.

In the middle of winter


For those freezing cold days, glacier blue evokes clear, high skies. There are unobtrusive aristocratic stripes, saffron checks with an exotic feel, lush brown, night blue for broad daylight, ethereal tweed, mohair and alpaca, clouds of softness, touches of velvet, showers of sequined flowers, faux astrakhan, and fery organza. Small, well-rounded coats, loose-fting wool trousers, embroidered sweatshirts, polka dot silks, lines, and fgure-hugging lines. Sassy Left Bank and down-to-earth Right Bank step out and about hand in hand, with silhouetes that are glad to knock received ideas out cold.

By moonlight


In the evening, elegant, feel-good chic is in order, straddling the line between discerning femininity and refnement, with low-cut backs or elasticated waists, featherweight silk or carefree navy blue, tuxedo capes, oversize overcoats, embroidered sweatshirts or long flowing dresses. The natural look and feel are welcome everywhere, inviting you to get up and move, dance and lose yourself.

Chic appeal, thy name is woman!

Paris once again wins the day, with accessories that meld tokens of flights of fancy and self-confdent approach. The slip-ons and trainers are the perfect ft for outfts, in flannel, or with a velvet bow to give them a lift, a Prince of Wales motif or a dynamic check, for a light-footed and light-hearted mood. The famous chains that grace the Pont des Arts or, why not, an industrial building take in wool ribbons, autumn flowers, mother of pearl, for both sentimental and spur-of-the-moment value. The bags sport the House coat of arms with great pride, while the scarves illustrate everyday glamour with a series of charcoal sketches.