Weill, the emblematic Parisian fashion house, is taking a new direction by appointing Mathilde Castello Branco at the head of its design studio.

Mathilde Castello Branco studied fashion in Paris before beginning her career at the Hermès ready-to-wear studio under the aegis of Martin Margiela. She then spent ten years with Lanvin working with Alber Elbaz before being put in charge of the art direction of the Azzaro brand.

With a keen sense of the Weill family heritage and of the richness of its history and know-how, Mathilde Castello Branco brings the promise of new inspiration to the house’s ready-to-wear collections and a modernisation of its codes. Her signature is a feminine, delicate fashion with a subtle ability to break with convention. “I like surprises: the unexpected detail, the original reinvention in the cut of a garment, surprising inventive mixes that give character to
the silhouete,” says the designer. All of this is achieved with subtleness: “I defend the notion of a style which shakes convention without disrupting it.”

Established in Paris in 1892, Weill has always embodied a certain vision of French chic. Mathilde Castello Branco sees the Weill client as the epitome of the modern Parisian woman, the kind of muse one might encounter on the banks of the Seine or in the cafés of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and who distinguishes herself with a startlingly charming jene-sais-quoi, a subtle blend of sophistication and casualness that is so typically French.