Feminine empowerment can also begin with handbags. Unique, intimate, personal: clutches & tote bags describe the true universe of every woman. The most secret, the most mysterious, the most expressive. Everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth uses hers to signal to her entourage whether she is happy or not.  Handbags are also and above all an expression of taste and style. They are, if you like, a feminine "sceptre".

So, for Autumn/Winter 2018-19 the snake is the “symbol of power” of the Liu Jo Accessories collection. Or better, the big grass snake is the emblem of power and prestige that historically represents Milan.


It is precisely the fashion capital and its most iconic places that inspire the ranges of the first part of proposals. Their names are Darsena, Moscova, Gioia, Lima, Ticinese, Piave…

More specifically, the energy and the creativity evoked by Milan spreads to other ranges that draw inspiration from the districts, roads and underground stations. An unmistakable urban appeal that underlines the world of Liu Jo Accessories in a cool way.


Two trends are in the spotlight: Fairies Night and 80s Love. 

An approach that is immediately noticeable by the bright, vibrant chromatic palette varying from Botanical Garden to Kiss, Violets and Lyons which is softened by the neutral Red Sand or True Champagne. Then there's Frozen, Grape Juice, Feel Rouge and Barbie.

Going into more detail, the collection features the Lima “package” that presents small shoulder bags, backpacks and maxi clutches with the logo application and mini studs embellishment; Ticinese proposes cult shoulder bags including python-effect ones with bow fastening. In the Gioia range, semi-spherical studs animate small shoulder bags and backpacks. In the Moscova one, tumbled-effect satchels stand out. Finally, in the Magenta range, the clutches are in lace and satin, with embroideries and applications.


In the Piave range, the distinguishing element is made of handbags with a soft line, torchon handles and leather charms.

The textile world


Scarves and maxi foulards are made with flowers, laces and logoed motifs. There are many details that appear in the collection's items: such as feathers, lapin pompons, contrasting jacquard and lurex, as well as check and micro studs, rhinestones and fringes.