A campaign that focuses on a new phase of Liu Jo's journey; #Glamourizing is more than just a simple concept: it's a genuine statement that describes the spirit of a brand that has made glamour its most authentic trait and finds its true expression, today more than ever, in the images of the upcoming adv campaign.

The campaign encapsulates the actual evolution of the brand, uniquely redefining fashion's stylistic codes. Next season's shoots represent the genuine statement of Liu Jo's DNA and at the same time define the brand attitude.

A top model who has captivated everyone - Anna Ewers - one of the most iconic models of our times, and the photography duo - Mert&Marcus - today's undisputed interpreters, for a brand with a strong identity like Liu Jo: the result is a campaign where the gorgeous Anna, photographed in a studio full of elegant elements and props, shows all her self-confidence, like a true celebrity. Between shots, you can see the careful gestures of those who, behind the scenes, redo her hair or fix her make-up, even the smallest details, in a glamourization process made possible by Liu Jo.

Anna is beautiful, confident, fascinating: the emblem of a contemporary woman who is aware of her femininity and body, ultra-fashionable yet authentic. Glamour expresses a strong empowerment that starts from acknowledging one's own image as a tool for self-assertion in a broader sense, and that does not fear a sophisticated sensuality: a sort of body-booster message, but also an insight that strikes the deepest chords of feminine individuality.