Paul&Shark presents Nick Wooster X Paul&Shark, the new collaboration with Nick Wooster - a capsule collection that tells the Italian brand's story through the eyes of the eclectic American designer.

The collaboration between Paul&Shark and Nick Wooster came from the desire to increase the brand's influence among a more fashion conscious clientele. The concept was for him to work on the brand's iconic products and make them unmistakably his own. Paul&Shark's trademark blue woollen sweater, with buttons on the shoulder, has been resized and made from nylon with fluorescent details.

Colours, prints and patchwork details are the key elements of the Nick Wooster X Paul&Shark collection. The knitwear is made from ultra-light cashmere, while the parkas, shirts and shorts feature patchwork details inspired by striped shirts. The jackets and shirts have been embellished with exclusive contrasting colour blocks.

Materials have been used in an unusual and alternative way. The striped cotton of the shirts has been paired with contrasting materials and nylon fabrics to create consistency and give the coats more volume, with their sophisticated design and contrasting details. The super soft, ultra-light cashmere comes in Nick Wooster's instantly recognisable signature fluorescent colours. The fabrics, with their crisp feel, have also been unconventionally used for shirts and shorts. The coats are often reversible, with two contrasting personalities, just like their fabrics.

In terms of who wears these clothes, the only client who inspired Nick Wooster was himself. 

It is a collection of pieces that he wants to wear.