The Devotion Bag, circling beyond dimensional boundaries, arrived on Earth as if from a dream, like an apparition transported by mechanical angels. Guided by the wings of a drone, it flew before the disbelieving eyes of the assembled. In this miracle of an unexpected encounter, the dream became reality.

A love that goes beyond the boundaries of time and space, which has no limits, but lives for eternity, takes the name devotion. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s undisputed and unconditional devotion to style, to hard work, to detail, to religion, and to the essence of fashion itself – craftsmanship, the sense of belonging, passion and creativity – is a form of pure love that is exemplifed in their timeless creations.

Attention to detail, respect for the handmade, an acute sense of proportion, and a love of elegance, of contrast, of fabrics, of colours, of quality, of refned materials, of ‘Made in Italy’: all the values of a true devotional cult, and a fundamental aspect of the aesthetic and imagination of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. It is a story of timeless roots and traditions, but also of innovation, of a realistic view ofa world made up of multiple unique and diverse voices and personalities, of devotion and genuine understanding towards the culture of the Millennials: young people born in the age of the web, formidable interpreters of the present and its infnite facets. A precious new object of desire is thus born, which takes the name of Devotion Bag, a veritable treasure chest, synonymous with pure creative freedom and passion for fashion.

It is a declaration of love, sealed by the sacred heart. The sacred heart, a metal frieze made of microforged brass and copper, the same technique used for jewellery-making, with an antiqued golden fnish, is the closure of the Devotion Bag. The central heart, embellished by a miniature with the DG logo, is framed by pearls and foliage that evoke the authentic decorations of the sacred tradition.