Hot on the heels of the chunky sneaker trend, ASH unveils two new styles this season that push the design limits.

The EXTREME is no ordinary runner. An evolution of the must-have oversized sneaker, its fresh design features exaggerated proportions and wave details for a tough look. Crafted from a combination of materials including smooth leather, nubuck and mesh, its most distinguishable feature is its extra-thick sculpted sole made from lightweight rubber. It is available in three colour combinations - white, black and white with holographic details for a futuristic look. 

For those looking for a more subtle look, the FLASH ticks all the fashion boxes. Inspired by the great outdoors, this new style is perfect for city streets with its high-tech details. An eye-catching sole with chunky anti-slip grips are a stylish homage to traditional hiking shoes, while flexible leather cage details will appeal to the fashion pack. A play of different materials and colours ensure that its Instagram-worthy.