A Burberry classic as you've never seen it before.

The Belt Bag is inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat. 

It follows the silhouette (and attitude) of Burberry's single most famous item of clothing, but the biggest giveaway are the adapted lapel details, complete with an oversized belt that wraps around the bag.

It is handmade in a specialist workshop in Italy.

There, soft supple calf leather is dyed twice to achieve the rich, deep colour you see on the bag. Its edges are carefully hand-painted as well.

Each Belt Bag comes with a contrast-coloured lining.

For the March collection, each bag is panelled inside and out in supple two and tri-tone leather, making it a colourful addition to any ensemble. 

There are two sizes: medium and large. 

Forget small; these bags are meant to make a statement. They just happen to come with the added bonus of conveniently holding all your stuff in one place.

There are eleven colours to choose from.

Sage green, bright yellow or regency blue? Take your pick from the array of shades available and express yourself. For now, each Belt Bag comes with a belt in a matching colour and an additional contrast-coloured belt. On top of that, there's also an adjustable cross-body strap that you can attach to the bag. Talk about versatility.