#ExpressYourStyle: An invitation to be yourself, always and anyway.

An invitation to show off your own beauty and uniqueness, interpreting every day, every moment and every occasion with your own style. For Spring-Summer 2018, this is how Liu Jo launches a message to women who don’t just want to follow fashion but want to interpret it and dress it up in their own way.

After #StrongTogether, the brand continues to support the female world, distancing itself once more from a purely aesthetic vision and presenting a unique concept that plays on the perfect balance between contents and image. The new campaign focuses on the contemporary, telling of the women’s empowerment of this era in a renewed key, in its most dynamic, sincere and positive idea of lifestyle. 

The first great news concerns the stars of the campaign: three real, special and very different women, who with their unique attitude tell of themselves and their own style in front of the camera. They are Antonina Petkovic, a beautiful young Serbian model who, at just 21, is already an international face of the fashion system; Candela Pelizza, Argentine-born but Italian-adopted influencer, mother and fashion icon with an unmistakeable attitude; Julia Restoin Roitfeld, a magnetic personality renowned for her style and elegance. Women with very different stories and experiences, but who all share an exceptional expressive charge that shines through in the different looks they chose to wear on set for the photo shoot.

But the Liu Jo image also “changes its skin” with another great new idea. With Spring-Summer 2018, the brand has chosen Milan as its privileged backdrop, the city whose DNA contains the greatest of the brand's values of style and elegance, in a natural yet at the same time sophisticated manner. A city that represents a unique lifestyle, which lives its daily life in the streets, squares and stores; an all-Italian style, in the most glamorous and exquisitely charmant sense of the word, which Liu Jo brings to life with natural confidence.